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Seamless resin floor system has been used in the industrial sector for a long time now.  Ideal for applications in various industries and types of environment where hygiene is paramount.  The different types of resin floor system can be custom designed to suit any facilities with varying environmental requirements. 


Tuff-Krete  Floor System is HACCP Certified.

Greenfloor can assist in deciding how best suited certain floor systems are depending on where it will be used and its exposure. 

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Wall and Ceiling

With humidity a constant in any manufacturing facility, corrosion sets in fairly quickly in painted concrete wall or sandwich panels (steel).  FRP insulated panels or cladding panels is a more cost effective proposition compared to stainless steel.  Glasbord®️ FRP panels can be cladded to existing walls (concrete or insulated steel panel) and is not affected by humidity and therefore will not rust.


Glasbord®️ is HACCP certified hygienic panels and ideal for meat processing, poultry dressing plant, fish processing and canning, fruit processing , and other similar environments.


Glasbord®️ is resistant to heat exposure up to 70’C during water cleaning sessions.

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Drainage System

Blucher Stainless Steel Drains and Channels is designed to withstand punishing environments in the food & beverage industry.  Its ability to custom design for the customer allows Blucher to be the first choice of discerning customers. 


With its innovative design, Hygienic Pro saves 75% of water consumption in flushing the channels of debris or food particles. The design helps in keeping the system in place and avoid leakages in the concrete which results in costly maintenance bill.

Blucher is HACCP Certified. 


Metal Roof Waterproofing

Thousands of square meter of metal roof seem daunting when dealing with water leaks. Water leaks during production runs will disrupt or worse will stop production and costs companies great amount of dollars for unprogrammed shut downs.


Metal roof also contributes a great amount of heat inside each facility even with internal insulation in place.


Greenfloor Innovations Corporation offers a two solution product in our reflective & elastic  acrylic metal roof waterproofing.

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