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Our Company

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Incorporated in 2013, Greenfloor Innovations Corporation (GIC) is a trading and contracting company engaged in various specialty hygienic products in various sectors in the manufacturing industry. The company was established by seasoned sales and technical team whose experience in the industry is unparalleled.

GIC’s core strength is in the seamless/hygienic floor systems (Tuff-Krete) mainly in the food & beverage manufacturing sector. Complementing this strength are FRP wall & ceiling panel (
Glasbord®️), stainless steel drains (Blucher), and  roof reflective coating (Oriplast).

Our Promise

With our state of the art installation techniques and equipment we guarantee an honest and smooth process from beginning to end.

Our Vision

The success of GREENFLOOR INNOVATIONS CORPORATION, working with environmentally friendly products benefits all stakeholders in the long term.  Pursuing such endeavors requires relentless efforts but will instill the right values for the next generation to balance business with environmental awareness. 

Our Mission

At GREENFLOOR INNOVATIONS CORPORATION  Uplifting the standard of food hygiene and food safety in the Philippine industry through continuous pursuit of  innovative products.  Collaborating with global partners to deliver the quality that the Filipino people deserve whilst enabling the customers to buy-in to the concept of sustainability is profitable.  With finite resources toppled with ever increasing demand, sustaining our food production and keeping food safety as top priority is our mission as it is our passion. With each commitment from each team member in the organization,  this mission is not only attainable but will continue to be the building blocks as we move forward and grow the business into new markets.  


Tuff-Krete Floor Systems have been installed in many manufacturing facilities in the Philippines. Our customers have continued to patronize our products and services through out their requirements.

Building on our success, we have partnered with three fantastic companies which are essential in integrating a complete hygienic solution for our customers.

Crane Composites (USA) Glasbord®️ – FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels

Blucher Stainless Steel Drains (Denmark) 


Diasen (Italy) Oriplast Reflex  - Roof Reflective Coating



Delivering Commitment On Time

Our commitment to quality starts from the products we market and partner with. They are market leaders themselves in their own right.

On time delivery of projects is as valuable commitment to our customers as it is to us. We pride ourselves with experienced crews who are dedicated tradesmen.

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