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Ceramic Coatings - A Good option for Floors & Walls

Ceramic Coatings - A Good option for Floors & Walls

What's the first thing to look at in a house or any other building? Of course, one of the most important visual elements of any house is the wall and floor coverings! However, the availability of so many different materials and design options have made it really difficult to choose a suitable material for the floor and walls. That's why we will look at ceramic coatings today and understand how they can enhance the visual appeal of any building.

Ceramic Coating - Ideal for every room?

For the construction of walls and floors, one of the best materials which also offer great visual appeal is ceramics! Due to so many design options, ceramic coating works in any type of room such as bedroom, office, living area, and so on. When we say that ceramic coating is ideal for every room, it means both in aesthetic and technical terms!

Due to massive design availability and great looks, ceramics can even be used all over the house, such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, entrances, balconies, bedrooms, and so on. In fact, ceramics work really well in outdoor areas where high traffic of things and people is expected as well. In short, you can't really go wrong with the ceramic tiles as they improve the looks of the house & can also increase its value.


Depending on the requirements, the ceramic tiles come in different textures such as cozier, softer, and even rough. Due to these differences, you may want different types of ceramic tiles in different parts of the home. For example, it wouldn't make sense to get softer tiles in the bathroom as it can increase the chances of slippage. For such areas, it is usually best to get rough surface ceramic tiles.

One thing which can make a lot of difference is how you get these tiles installed - When installed by a professional, you can get a flawless finish and a floor or walls which can last for a long time with little maintenance. One of the best options when it comes to ceramic coatings is the "ceramic coating crane composites".

Ceramic Tiles - Explained

One of the main characteristics of ceramic coatings is that it offers good water resistance. The top portion of the ceramic tiles for the floors are normally glazed, which also functions as a protective layer offering waterproofing as well as resistance against stains, high humidity, and bad weather. That's why when it comes to choosing a flooring option for bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens (wet areas), the only favored and obvious choice is the ceramic tiles.

As mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles come in different shapes and textures - Just like there are glazed surface tiles, there are also opaque or unglazed tiles. If you are thinking of getting unglazed tiles, then you will need to ensure that they are properly sealed for protection against stains and liquids.

In general, floors made from ceramic are usually highly resistant to stress and are thus difficult to scratch and break.

However, one cannot ignore the proper and professional installation of ceramics for the floors and walls. When properly installed, they can easily last for years with little to no maintenance. On top of that, if a single or couple of ceramic tiles breaks down from heavy impact, it is relatively easy to replace them easily.

Another benefit with the ceramic tiles is that they are easy to clean, and since the surface is smooth, you also do not have to worry about them retaining dirt, pollen, dust, or any other allergen.

Ceramic Tiles Sealing - An Introduction

The discussion of ceramic tiles wouldn't be complete without discussing the ceramic tiles sealing! Although ceramic flooring offers a low-cost solution that is both durable and customizable, their efficiency and functional usage depend a lot on how well these tiles are sealed. In general, grout (sealant) is used to ensure that the tiles are properly sealed, which ultimately increases the lifespan of your ceramic tiles as well!

Ceramic Tile Sealer can protect your Floor

Over time, it is common to witness staining on the ceramic tiles and even the grout (sealer) that keeps the tiles together. In fact, a low-quality grout can even result in mold damage and really bad staining. That's why when you choose to get high-quality ceramic tiles, do not forget about high-quality sealer as well!

A good quality ceramic sealer will possess the following characteristics:

  • Less Staining

  • Gloss Retention

  • UV Stability

  • Mold Protection

  • Proper Sealing

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

I think even you would know by now that ceramic tiles are durable, cheap, and commonly used for flooring. But there are also several other benefits associated with these flooring options. So without ado, let's look at the benefits of ceramic coatings:

  • From small sizes to even large ones, you can get ceramic tiles in any size you want.

  • Most ceramic tiles are highly durable and offer resistance from scratches and even slippage.

  • These tiles can be used all over the house, but the common use is in the bathrooms and kitchens.

  • When compared with simple concrete floors, these tiles require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

  • Today, you can find tons of colors and design options for these tiles! In fact, you can even get digitally printed ceramic tiles from the market.

  • Tiles come in two forms: Glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. The glazed tiles offer more resistance to stains as compared to those without glaze.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Tiles

There are also a couple of drawbacks of ceramic tiles & we can't complete the discussion without mentioning them. So let's get to it:

  • These tiles can break if a heavy object falls on them, but surprisingly, it is very easy to replace even a couple of tiles.

  • Try to get those ceramic tiles that are popular so that when you need replacement, you can easily find the tiles with the same color and design.

  • For heavy usage, it is not recommended to get a ceramic flooring option.

Buy Ceramic Coating Crane Composites

As mentioned earlier, one of the best brands for ceramic coatings is crane composites. If you are thinking of getting ceramic coatings in the Philippines, you can rely on Green Floor Innovations. If you need TUFF KRETE MD, FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels or ceramic coatings, you can also get a quote from Green Floor Innovations.

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