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Kitchen Wall

Product Used:

Wall: Glasbord®️ (embossed)


The origin of the name of Popeyes is interesting. It took its name from Popeye Doyle, the character played by actor Gene Hackman in the 1971 film The French Connection, and not from Popeye the Sailorman, the comic strip. Popeyes nonetheless used that image of Popeye and friends in its campaigns up until 2012. Today, its "Love that Chicken" song from the '80s still rings a bell. More significantly, its improved recipe has kept the business going.

Though Popeyes Chicken is rooted in tradition, Popeyes Philippines debuted a fresh and modern look. The design of the 190-seater space in Arcovia will be replicated in Popeyes all over the world. 

Source: Popeyes

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