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Tuff-Krete HD

Tuff-Krete HD (6-9mm) is trowel grade designed as a heavy-duty floor system.  Extreme exposure to conditions from 120°C to 150°C cooking areas to negative 25°C to 40°C freezers and blast freezers.  In processing areas, it is highly resistant to organic acids including heavy industrial cleaners. It is also able to withstand heavy load traffic by forklift and abrasion from dragging pallets on the floor.


The HD system can be custom made to increase slip resistance for added safety factor in certain industries.


Areas of Application: Meat processing, poultry dressing plant, fish canning & processing, cold storages, and similar other areas.

Tuff Krete HD
Data Sheet

Al Ain Poultry Production Area 3.jpg

Tuff-Krete MD

Tuff-Krete MD (3-4mm) is self smoothing system designed for medium duty application.  It can withstand constant temperature of up to 60-70°C  and as low as 0’C.  Constant forklift traffic (max 2.5T) and pallet truck is ideal for this type of system.


The MD system is innately slip resistant but is not advisable in wet processing facilities where oil or grease is presentt


Areas of Application: Bakeries, snacks manufacturing, dry warehouses, corridors and walkways, dry manufacturing and similar other areas.

Tuff Krete MD
Data Sheet

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