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Different Types of Wall Protection

Different Types of Wall Protection

What's the one common thing which you can find in a variety of different buildings such as college dorms, homes, healthcare centers, and even mixed-use buildings? Of course, it is the wall protection that can significantly reduce the need for maintenance and also enhance the longevity of your space!

Some of the items which come under the category of wall protection include corner guards, metal sheets, vinyl sheets, handrails, wall bumper guards, chair rails, and so on. Using these items, you can protect the building's walls from damage and thus enhance longevity. That's why we will discuss the topic of wall protection in detail so you can better understand how you can use various items.

Different Types of Wall Protection

Let's explore different types of items that offer wall protection and how they differ from each other:

Wall Protection

Wall Guards

There are two types of wall guards:

  1. End Wall Guards

  2. Corner Wall Guards

Some of the other names of end wall guards are U-channels, end wall protectors, and end wall caps. As the name implies, end wall guards can be attached to the end of walls and thus provide protection from three sides. The main benefit of using end wall guards is that they can lower the chances of damage from major impact.

The second type is corner wall guards, which can be wrapped around those corners where at least two walls meet. Normally, corners can sustain damage in case of impact, but when reinforced with the corner guards, you can lower the chances of scratches, chips, and dents. Some of the common materials used for the corner wall guards are metal, vinyl, and plastic.

Crash Rails

There are two types of crash rails:

  1. Metal Crash Rails

  2. Plastic Crash Rails

Crash rails are also commonly known by the term "wall number guards". This item only extends an inch or two (max) from the wall and thus provides good wall protection without being flush with the wall. In fact, the use of metal crash rails can also modernize the look of your building & since they are made from metal, they are also easy to clean.

Now let's discuss the plastic crash rails... These can be added to the room, hallway, lab, wheelchairs, kitchen, and other objects to prevent them from damaging the wall. When the plastic crash rails are added, they act as the first point of impact & thus provide wall protection.


There are two types of handrails:

  1. Pinch Grip Handrails

  2. Power Grip Handrails

Handrails can be used as a guide and wall guard and thus allow the users to easily maneuver in any given space. In terms of support, the pinch grip handrail is inferior to the power grip handrail as the fingers of the hand punch towards each other. On the other hand, power grip handrails offer better grip through the entire handrail.

Power grip handrail makes it easy for the hand fingers and thumb to curl towards each other and thus create a very strong grip - According to estimates, the grip from power grip handrails can be 5 times stronger than the pinch grip handrail. That's why the power grip handrails are preferred if a person with mobility or stability issues is the main user.


Once again, there are two types of sheets:

  1. Vinyl Sheets

  2. Metal Sheets

Worried that a major portion of the wall will be damaged? You can protect the wall by installing "vinyl sheets"! Sheets made from vinyl are resistant to scratch as well as stain - That's why vinyl sheets can be cleaned easily and also offer low maintenance. Most of the time, all that's required to clean the vinyl sheets is a simple wipe down.

Want more protection for your walls? Well, then you can use the metal sheets as they can make your walls more durable and also prevent the potential damage from impact.

Tape on Corner Guards

This item can be easily placed on wall corners and doesn't require any screws or even glue - That's why the tape on corner guards is very simple to install. This item comes in the vinyl or plastic option.

Headboards & Bed Locators

You can normally find these items in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. You can think of this item as a docking station but for the bed. Using these, the staff at the healthcare facilities can move the bed in the right spot without touching the walls. That's why their usefulness in preventing damage to the walls cannot be ignored. Depending on user requirements, these can be bought in different colors as well as materials.

Chair Rails

These are the wood molding strips and can be installed in the range of 30 inches and 36 inches up from the floor. As the name implies, chair rails are used to prevent the chairs from scratching, denting, and scraping the walls when moved. On top of providing great wall protection, chair rails can also become a decorative and beautiful element in your business office or home.

Kick Plates

These plates are attached to the lower portion of the walls and doors (usually a few inches from the bottom) and offer protection from scratches and scuffs from carts and shoes. When installed on the doors, these kick places can increase the lifespan of the doors and also provide protection from the environment as well as kicks!

If you can manage to get a good color that goes well with the overall theme of the house, you can also use it in residential settings. But generally, these are used in commercial or industrial settings.

Edge Protectors and Door Frames

Door frames can be used to maintain the door frame's integrity and also ensure that your door frames remain beautiful. The edge protectors are also attached to the doors and can lower the chances of scratches and dents.

Buy Wall Protection Items

Looking to buy wall protection items/equipment for your building? You can get a free quote from Green Floor Innovations (trusted contracting company Philippines) which is a trusted provider of these products in the Philippines. They also offer FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels and TUFF KRETE MD.

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