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Food Processing

The Philippine food & beverage sector is the largest contributor to the country's total manufacturing output. It accounted for 10% of GDP in 2017, according to official data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

(source: Research & Markets)


Food safety is a topic thoroughly discussed and observed in the industry. The Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a standard set forth internationally and strictly by the sector.


Greenfloor Innovations Corporation adheres to this standard with all related products (Tuff-Krete, Glasbord®️, and Blücher) in the range of HACCP Certified.

Beverage Manufacturing

The beverage industry goes hand in hand with the food industry. Together it comprise about half of the total output of the manufacturing sector. About 90% of the manufactured output are locally consumed.

With the projected growth, the industry is poised to achieve tremendous increase in output in the coming years.

Modern Beer Brewery


Few industries outside the food & beverage require utmost hygiene consideration than pharmaceutical. Cleanrooms and highly controlled areas of operation demand the highest standard of care.

Restaurant and Commissary

Restaurants and other food outlets are hectic and highly challenging for maintenance work, operating on 24hr basis in some cases.


Nowhere in the food & beverage business where hygiene protocol and procedures are visible to the customers than these food outlets. With more and more of the outlets operating in an open kitchen plan.


Greenfloor Innovations Corporation provides HACCP certified FRP wall panels and ceiling grid system where bacterial growth moisture and sag resistance is essential.



The Philippines’ biggest export: Microelectronics and semiconductors, is a key driver in its GDP. This sector has specialized requirements in various stages in its production cycle which requires in-depth knowledge.


Greenfloor Innovations Corporation has solutions in ESD floor system both in conductive and static dissipative type. Exposure to various organic and inorganic acids is also a critical consideration in choosing the right flooring in this industry.

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