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Tuff Krete HD

TUFF-Krete MD is designed for application as a self levelling floor for concrete and other substrates. This system offers high resistance against impact, thermal shock, abrasion and chemicals. Resistance to several organic chemicals used in the food industry makes the system suitable for use in various food processing industries. TUFF-Krete MD is ideal for use in: Meat, poultry and fish processing plants  Bakeries & confectionery industries, Pharmaceutical industries Textile manufacturing area

HACCP  Certificate



Protect your facility with Crane resilient wall coverings. Our Glasbord with Surfaseal creates surfaces that deliver unsurpassed hygiene and durability for commercial environments such as restaurants and food processing plants.

HACCP  Certificate Crane Composites

HACCP  Certificate Greenfloor Innovation

 Glasbord Fire X FM Approved  Class 1

 Glasbord Smooth FM Approved 

Greenguard Certificate Low Chemical

Hygienic Wall Panels.jpg

Oriplast Reflex

Diasen waterproofing range of product offers two component waterproofing systems and materials, one component and elastic, to waterproof concrete, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, roofs, floorings, foundations and tanks, with positive and negative pressure.

Innovative and different products characterized by long lasting, high efficiency, high performances and by multi purpose application beacuse they can be used on different support.

Oriplast Reflex thermal Insulation Test with Artificial Heat Certification

Oriplast  Reflex  Data Sheet

Oriplast Reflex Application.jpeg


A durable and labour-saving solution, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe can be used above and below ground in a variety of applications. Weighing only a third of cast iron solutions, this push-fit drainage pipework system can be installed by just one person - thus saving time and money while requiring less labour. Every BLÜCHER® EuroPipe drainage product is designed to keep up the flow through reliable connections while adding value and longevity to your drainage projects, installations, and business.

HACCP Certification

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